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Our  design team specializes in scientific and medical illustrations to transform your figures and create professional images for your presentations,  manuscripts, posters, and grant applications


We offer a variety of services including:

Scientific and Medical Illustration and Figure Design

It is becoming increasing important to present data in a concise and clear image when submitting a manuscript for publication or grant application.


Creative Science Studios designers have extensive experience and knowledge of the biological sciences and we can design schematics and illustrations to clearly convey your experimental approaches, theories and highlight function and proposed mechanisms.

Scientific Illustrations


- Biochemical Pathways

- Molecular Interactions

- Experimental Design

- Modelling

Medical Illustrations


- Gross Anatomy

- Molecular Anatomy

- Pathology


Manuscript Review and Editing


- Manuscript and Grant Editing

- Animated and Interactive elements



Multimedia Implementation


- Interactive iBooks

- Animation embedding in presentations

- Video and Movie assets

- Web Design

- Podcasts


Data Presentation


- PowerPoint and Keynote presentations

- Graphs, Charts and Tables

- Animated and Interactive elements



iOS Application Development


- Interactive iBooks

- Medical games

- Educational applications